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Services Offered

Every project is an opportunity to innovate and find better ways to deliver.

Quantity Surveying Services

Our firm provides an integrated network of services covering all sectors of the construction industry as follows:

Pre - Contract

  1. Approximate estimating, preliminary cost control and cost planning.
  2. Advice on tendering procedures and contractual arrangements.
  3. Preparation of tender documents.
  4. Examination of tenders received and reporting thereon.
  5. Preparation of contract documents to be signed by the parties of the contract.
  6. Preparation of tender and contract documents for nominated subcontractors.


  1. Preparation of cash flow forecasts.
  2. Preparation of interim valuations.
  3. Measurement and pricing of variations.
  4. Cost control and assessments of anticipated final cost.
  5. Advice on issues conserving the terms of the contract.
  6. Preparation and negotiation of the final account of the contract.

Project Management

Management of the project from inception to completion, coordinating and controlling all activities regarding employer’s requirements, quality, budget, timescale as follows:

  1. Coordination of activities of design team from inception to completion.
  2. Analyse in detail employer’s requirements and objectives.
  3. Agree the responsibilities of selected consultants in the development and realisation of the final brief.
  4. Develop key programme dates for all activities and prepare programme for post-contract periods.
  5. Monitor progress against the agreed programme and make adjustments as necessary to suit any changed requirements.
  6. Relate financial requirements of the project to the monetary resources available for its implementation.
  7. Preparation of cash flow forecasts and comparisons.
  8. Establish types of meetings and appropriate attendance. Organise, chair and issue agendas and minutes of such meetings.
  9. Coordinate inspections and handover between the employer, the consultants and the contractors.

christos ioannou consultants

Feasibility Studies

Preparation of Feasibility Studies for proposed developments and implementation of cost-in use studies to evaluate basic costs.

Life Cycle Costing Studies

Comparative studies of initial acquisition costs and subsequent running/ replacement costs of building materials or building systems in relation with the useful life of the material/system.

christos ioannou consultants
christos ioannou consultants

Reconstruction Costs Assessments

Assessment of reconstruction costs to properties damaged by fire, flooding, earthquake e.t.c. and preparation of insurance claims and valuations.

Construction Cost Auditing & Monitoring Projects for Banking and Financial Institutions

Monitoring building costs on behalf of Banks and Financial Institutions, for construction developments financed by Banks or other Financial Institutions and advise accordingly.

  • Verification of estimate budget prepared by the developer and report thereon or Preparation of estimate budget and report on required funding of the Bank.
  • Examination of tender documentation and advice as necessary on the suitability of the documentation in relation to the nature and construction of the development.
  • Examination of the cash flow projection based on the contractor’s programme of works or Preparation of such cash flow projection.
  • Examination and verification of monthly certifcates of payments for executed work and report to Bank.
  • Monitoring construction progress and preparation of report.
  • Preparation or examination of quarterly Financial Cost Report, assessment of anticipated final costs and report thereon.

christos ioannou consultants
christos ioannou consultants

Advice on Construction Law

Providing expert advice and back-up on Construction Law issues.

Claims Management | Contractors Claims | Counter Claims

Preparation, examination and settlement of contractual claims as they arise through Building Contracts between the parties. Preparation of contractor' s claims. Preparation of counter claims on behalf of the employer due to delays, bad workmanship and other contractual breaches on behalf of the contractor.

christos ioannou consultants
christos ioannou consultants

Dispute Resolution

Support services in resolving disputes that arise between the parties in Construction Contracts.